How I Made Over 200.600 EUR

With A Roulette Cheat

 An Unbelievable But True

Story About Cheating At Roulette

Have you ever asked yourself how some professional players always win and somehow manage to build a small fortune within a short time? You though that they have some secret to cheat roulette? If you answer is yes, you came to the right website! I will show you how you can use a weakness of this online roulette program in certain casinos and win a lot of money all the time.

Who am I and how do I know? My name is Rudolf Richter, actually Dr. Richter, and I am a software programmer. I know it sounds impressive, but it is far from it.

I am 33 years old and until recently used to do "odd jobs", because I was unable to find a job in my profession.  I was miserable; here I was with a "college degree"!  I did not have enough money to go places or even think about entertaining the thought of a relationship. Not to talk about my car which was so old, that I was actually surprised every time I arrived somewhere.  

In my free time I was looking for a roulette cheat that would make me "big bucks". This story probably sounds familiar to you, but guess what. About 1 year ago I received an offer as a programmer for an online casino.  Almost immediately I noticed something that at first did not make sense to me. The casino's source code was supposed to ensure that certain moves would never win.


Dr. Rudolf Richter (Programmer)

The developer apparently intended to avoid certain game constellations, to limit the winning of a player; of course, this way the losses for a casino are limited.


I know it sounds unbelievable, but this "program"

made me over 200.600 EUR


This weak-point that allows players to cheat roulette is almost impossible to detect even for a programmer, that is why online casinos do not know about this roulette cheat, or better "this bug".

What is the weak-point or where is it in the program? It only works during the "dozen bets" (High / Medium / Low - High / Medium / Low). I know it sounds complicated, let me explain:



1) Picture one shows a bet on "Low". Any number between 1 and 12 would be the win. (This is the  so-called 1st Dozen) 

Low Bet

2) Picture two shows a bet on "Medium". A number between 13 and 24 would be your win. (This is the so-called 2nd Dozen)


Middle Bet

3) Picture three shows a bet on "High". Any number between 25 and 36 would be the win for you. (This is the so-called 3rd Dozen)

High Bet

Online casinos try to "fix" their program so that a number, ‘high’, ‘medium’, or ‘low’ will not happen more often in 16 consecutive games. This means, at least ONE ‘high’, ‘medium’, or ‘low’ will always happen in a sequence of 16 consecutive plays. Maybe you already have a hunch how this "bug" can be turned into a profitable roulette cheat, but keep reading and allow me to show you how you can best profit from this programming error.

Remark: This roulette cheat will not work during the practice mode, because the random numbers are generated by your computer directly, not by the casino’s computer (this is the casino server). Therefore, this "money-making bug" will only occur in real money mode only.



By now you probably already know how this mistake can be best turned into a profitable roulette cheat. The best way is to use a progressive betting scheme which ensures that you will always have enough money to bet on consecutive plays. Progressive betting means you have a guarantee to win in the long run.  Keep in mind though that this is not a roulette cheat that works with every online roulette site and in any way you like to play.

Only if you follow my instructions and play on the online roulette site I provide in a lit, you will be sure to win between €1 and €3 every time you play. It does not matter how often you will loose.

To start, I recommend that you print out the following worksheet and have a pencil at hand. The worksheet will look like this:

This worksheet will help you document the outcomes of the game after you make your bets. I know that this may seem complicated at first. However, it is easier than it looks, just try it. Think about the amount of money that you can win. You need to write down the result after each spin of the wheel if the result is:

a) ‘low' (L) number

b) ‘medium' (M) number

c) ‘high' (H) number or a

d) 'Zero' (Zero).

For example, let's say you spin the wheel ten times. Winning numbers are: 4, 11, 36, 14, 20, 25, 2, 33, 13, and 16. The table would look like this:

Use the following abbreviations: 4 = L, 11 = L, 36 = H, 14 = M 20 = M, 25 = H, 2 = L, 33 = H, 13 = M, 16 = M

I would suggest that when you first start playing roulette, do not place any bets at all. You might me anxious to start winning with this roulette cheat, but it is very important that you are patient. Let the wheel spin and document which dozen (L, M, or H) wins at the table you play at. Should you play at a table with several players, you should patiently wait for the other players to place their bets and the wheel has spun several times. With this roulette cheat you will wait for one of the dozens to not appear in five consecutive spins. Now you have the opportunity to skip the 16-stage plan and only have to complete the 11-stage plan as explained hereinafter:

Suppose the winning numbers at your table are: 32 and 17 ( 32 = H, 17 = M). Your table will look as follows:

As you see in five consecutive spins, not a single ‘low’ (L) number appeared. (Take a look at the final five spins: H, M, M, H, M) . Now when it is your time to bet, you must bet on the (low) 1st dozen. (You have to bet on the (medium) 2nd dozen if M did not appear in the last 5 spins or if the (high) 3rd dozen if H did not appear in the last 5 spins). It is very important that you stick to the plan below; everything depends on this. This is the only way that this roulette cheat help you to always end up winning money.



Roulette Betting Plan


Let's take a closer look and use an example from above. It is time to make your bet number 1 (this should be 1€, as shown in the column 'Stake') on the ‘Low’ part of the mat. Now spin the wheel.

- In case that 1st dozen wins, (congratulations!); you just won 2€. You will start from the beginning. (Bet on a dozen: L, M or H, which dozen depends on which one did not appear in the last 5 spins. There is a possibility that it is necessary for you stop betting for several spins, until this event will occur). In case that you did not win, no need to worry and be impatient, just go on to bet number 2 (2€ ) of the plan, betting 'Low'.

- If you won (congratulations!). You just won whatever amount you lost in the previous bet and, the best part with this roulette cheat is that you still won 3€. Now again, start  from the very beginning. In case you did not win this game either, do not worry, simply place bet number 3 (3€) to 'Low', and so on.

- The trick is to continuously place bets until you win and then start from the very beginning. By following the plan on the left you guarantee that you will NEVER lose money in the long run, after your dozen appeared, because:

1) You use the before mentioned progressive betting scheme that ensures that at the end you will always be a winner, even when you lose in the beginning of the game.

2) In 16 consecutive spins each dozen has to appear at least once. (As explained above.)

You might think that this is not the big money you thought it would be. However, think about it: You could easily bet 90 times in an hour, this means a win of over 90€ per hour.

I recommend these amounts as an initial deposit of €150 – 250. After you multiplied your winnings, or better earnings, add a zero on all the values of the table. This means your bets are: 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 130, 200, 300, 450, and 670.  Now every time you win, you actually win between10-30€. With this roulette cheat you will win 10 times more playing the same amount than through playing the basic strategy but you will have to have a capital of approximately    800 – 1000€.

This might still sound somewhat confusing at this point, but you have the opportunity to read through the instructions as often as necessary for you to understand everything.

The roulette cheat is really this easy! Now you know how to turn this "bug" into an amazing profit. There is only one thing left to say....


Which Online Casinos Allow You To Use This Money-Making Roulette Cheat?

Now you know how the roulette cheat works. The only thing you need to know now is which casinos allow you to use this money-making system. The list below shows a few casinos that use the exact casino software with the "bug" I found. I play on these casinos myself and make money doing so.

All you need to do is click on one of the links below and install the free casino software. Afterwards deposit an amount between 200-250€. Keep in mind that you will need to complete the progressive betting scheme in order for the roulette cheat to be a success.

Needless to say that I am not able to promise or predicts how long this will continue to work; what I can promise is that I will keep this website updated continuously.  I will of course delete the casinos if I find any problems. The casinos in the list below work.

Thus said, I would suggest that you act immediately. This is a first-come, first-served basis! I am certain that at one point all casinos will fix the "bugs" and I will have to close this website. Anyhow, for  as the software bug will allow to cheat roulette, this website will be up.

It is important that you keep in mind: The casino server generates random numbers only in real money mode. The roulette cheat will only work with numbers that are generated by the casino server.  NOT for the numbers that are generated by your computer IN PRACTICE MODE.


Casino Download:

Tested Casino Software Nr1

Tested Casino Software Nr2

Tested Casino Software Nr3

Casino Software Nr
4 (no longer works)

Tested Casino Software Nr5

Tested Casino Software Nr6

Tested Casino Software Nr7

(Revised on ; click to start downloading, ONLY use tested casinos!) 

Mac users: Please use the Flash Version

That’s it! Now you have all the tools to win with this roulette cheat! If you are not successful in your games, you probably did not follow my instructions. If you are still hesitant, imagine this:       Even in case that the casinos will detect and fix the "bug" before you have a chance to start playing, there is still a chance that a dozen is not found in 16 consecutive games of 1 to 1 ÷ ((25/37)16) ≈ 1 to 530.  This means, you would still have a 99.8% chance of winning. (You're right, his is not 100% but it is very close.)

If you're still not sure and are skeptical, just drop me a line at The only thing I would like to ask you to do is to make a donation once you are convinced that my roulette cheat really works. I only ask for a donation if you win 2000€ or more with my roulette cheat. Also, you do not need to worry; this trick is absolutely legal; no rule or law will be violated in any way.  So please, only e-mail me only if there is anything you do not understand. For any other reason I can only say: Try the roulette cheat for yourself.



Last But Not Least, Let Me GIVE SOME ADVICE THAT Will HELP YOU On Your Way To Success

1) Plan to play no more than 30 minutes at the same table; it will be more difficult to win after 30 minutes. You should take  a short 2 minute break before you return to the table.

2) Do not become greedy; self control is the key. Most people make this mistake; most novice players that is. Do not attract attention, therefore avoid to earn more than 2000€ in a single day.

3) Heed to my roulette cheat strategy. You should not stray from or try to change this strategy. Also, you will not be successful in casinos that are not listed.

4) WARNING: is one casino that definitely does not work with this roulette cheat; the same for some older online casinos. Even if those have the same software, do not try to use the roulette cheat. Again: Only use the download links that I provided on this website. On this way you can be sure to get the correct software version and that this system really works.





1) If the table limit is not high enough, how can I profit from your roulette cheat? 

>>  Since you will use "dozens betting", table limits do not apply, they only refer to individual betting.

 2) What happens to 0's? 

>> First of all, do not ignore the zeros (Zero's).  You should place them in the columns of H, M or L.  For example, if it turns to be L, 0, M, M, H, M, you start to bet on L.

3) Do I have to choose a currency?

 >> No, the currency doesn't matter. All currencies work the same whether you use Euro, Sterling Pound or U.S. dollar, is up to you.

4) Can I win with this roulette cheat at any online casino roulette?

>> No. This roulette cheat only works when you use specific software, this software has to be an older version. Therefore, you can only use the software that I offer on this website!

5) Does your roulette cheat system also work in the "real world"?

>> No it doesn't. This cheat works only in online casinos, and keep in mind, only in the ones I listed which I personally tested.

6) Which roulette version should I download? 

>> Actually, whatever version you use is up to you. The roulette cheat works based on random numbers; so the version does not matter. What I do recommend is to play European or French Roulette (here the table limits are 1€-5000€), this ensures the best results. The American version with 2 zeros does not work.

7) I only have 200 €. Am I still able to use your roulette cheat?

 >> Yes, you can. The only thing you should do is wait 7 instead of the 5 spins, that means, in the example shown above there should be no "Low" for a total of 7 spins, only then you start placing bets. Either way, I suggest you start with a minimum of 150€.

8) How do I make a deposit.

>> There is an online casino support available that will give you several payment options, from a   bank transfer to a credit card payment. The call is free; but if you seriously have trouble with your first deposit, send them an e-mail.

 9) How can I withdraw the money?

>> Normally it works the same way you deposit money (if you did not choose a different method of payment). So, if you made a deposit with your credit card, your credit card will be credited with your winning. This is the fastest way to receive your money. You are able to access your money whenever you wish. This is between you and the casino.

 10) What if the casino finds out that I use a roulette cheat system and blocks me from playing?

 >> In a case like this you will still get your money. The only thing is that you are no longer allowed to play at this particular casino. You would still be able to register under a friend's name or use a family member, and play. If you stay at a 2000€ limit per day, you have nothing to worry about.  I hope you will enjoy this roulette cheat and are successful!



If you have questions or feedback for  this website, feel free to e-mail me to

Good Luck! Have Fun!


Dr. Rudolf Richter
Software Programmer

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